There are a number of reasons why you might need Tooting storage solutions, perhaps you are moving abroad and can’t take all of your things with you, or you might be downsizing property due to necessity, you may have even been relocated for work. Whatever the reason for you needing storage is, there are options available to you, so that you don’t have to get rid of your sentimental and valuable belongings in order to make the move, especially if the move is only a temporary one.

There are two main types of storage solutions available to you:

1. Storage company
2. Self-storage company

Storage company:

A traditional Tooting storage company is typically more expensive than a self-storage company, however, there is much more work involved for the staff of the storage company than there would be for a self-storage company. When you use a storage company, they will take control of your belongings, you simply hand them over and the storage company does the rest, they will store your things for you within your storage space and secure them. Your things, rather than being stored in a lockable storage space, are kept within a specific space within the storage warehouse, as a result of this there are a number of people that can access your things, including all of the warehouse staff, thus making this slightly less secure than a self-storage company. Traditional storage companies do have some benefits over self-storage companies however, for example they are often more able to offer a bigger storage space, furthermore they are also able to offer additional services, such as collecting your storage from your home and taking it to the warehouse for you, of course anything like this is likely to come at an additional charge so you should consider whether this is a necessity before paying for these services.

Self-Storage company:

Self-storage companies are often cheaper than the traditional storage companies, mainly because there is slightly more work involved for you the customer. However, they are also considered the more secure and safer option over storage companies. The reason for this is that with a self-storage company you store your belongings yourself within the storage space allocated to you, you lock the storage space with you own key and keep it with you. This therefore means that only you can enter your storage space, the only exception being if you were to fall behind in your rent and the self-storage company needed to enter your storage to sell your belongings and recover some of their losses.

Hiring a storage or Tooting self-storage company:

When you look at hiring a self-storage or a storage company there are some important questions that you can ask to ensure you are hiring a reputable and well established company that is going to look after your things, here are some useful questions you can ask:
• Are you a member of ‘the storage association’ or the ‘self-storage association’? if not why not? These associations are designed to help to protect you and provide you the best service.
• What security measures do you have in place? Who can access my things and when?
• When can I access my Tooting storage space and the things inside?
• Do you have a storage space available that is the size that I need?
• What insurance is included? If none, can insurance be included at an additional charge? How does this protect my belongings?
• Is the storage facility easily accessible?
• What is the rental charges for the storage space? Is this likely to increase at any point? If so, will the price increase affect me?

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