Packing is usually the part of moving that everyone hates and isn’t usually so good at. Even packing to go on a short holiday can cause us a bit of a headache. There is often so much to consider when packing and it doesn’t matter on how much we’re packing or why we are packing, it is difficult in all cases. Just like when we pack to go on holiday and are undecided on what to pack because we are unsure of what we will need or what the weather will be like, packing to move out is exactly the same but on a larger scale. Learn how to pack like a pro in just a few easy steps.

Streamline Your Packing
If you haven’t already, it is a good idea to have a clear out and make sure you want to keep every item which you intend to pack and move. Don’t waste your time on arranging, wrapping and packing every single item that you own without having a good sort through your belongings. You may be amazed at how much you can streamline your packing.

Use Quality Products for Packing
Like with everything we do, it is far better when we are using good quality products because it means that the outcome will be much better. When we cook, clean or attempt a DIY job, it makes a lot of difference when we are using quality products compared to when we choose universal or cheaper alternatives. If you are new to finding packing materials, you can hire us to provide you with suitable packing materials recommended by us, or if you are doing it alone, then try to opt for strong products suitable for commercial use. You will need: strong boxes (which will hold heavy items), thick brown tape, newspaper or other scrap paper (to be used for wrapping), large labels, bubble wrap and possible cellophane if you want to wrap up your boxes or other items.

Purchasing big quantities of packing materials can be expensive, which is why recycling makes a more economical and cheaper alternative. However, be sure that your boxes especially are still able to hold heavy items without breaking and possibly damaging your items.

The Packing Process
To guarantee that your belongings stay safe and in good condition for the duration that they are packed up, make sure that you take the time to pack up each of your item carefully. Valuable and breakable items should be treated with extra care, by wrapping them in paper and bubble wrap before placing them in to boxes containing similar or soft, light items. As you pack up each box and possession, label the boxes with letters or numbers and keep a record with more information of what is in each box, on a separate piece of paper. Keep the item list safe and accessible to you at all times. By all means you should organise your packing by labelling each box, but to avoid theft should your belongings find themselves in the wrong hands, it is not a good idea to clearly label what is in each box. Boxes labelled ‘valuables’, ‘antiques’ or ‘electricals’ are an easy target to potential thieves, which is why it is a better idea to number or letter each box and keep a record with you so that only you know what each box contains.

Organised Packing
On arriving at your new destination, you don’t want to waste your time and strength on having to search through all of your boxes to find certain items, which is why you should allocate one particular box for everything that you will need immediately. Fill this box with anything you will need straight away and make sure you pack it on to the removals lorry last, so it is the first box to come off at the other end.

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