For peace of mind during your relocation, it makes sense to take your time when it comes to choosing a removal company. If you’re not careful and don’t make a carefully informed choice, you might end up with some of your household goods getting damaged, or even be on the receiving end of a scam which can not only cause a lot of unnecessary stress but leave you out of pocket too. Below are a some useful tips to bear in mind when looking for and researching any potential removal company.

Ask around for local opinions

Before you start looking online and in the telephone directory, or in tandem with these lines of investigation, it can often be very beneficial to start asking around your friends, family and work colleagues for any feedback or recommendations on removal companies in the area. You might even get lucky, and know or get connected with someone who is directly involved with a removal company or NW3 man with a van, who might be able to pull some strings and get you a discount.

Even if you only get some feedback or general advice, it can often be very valuable. As you are enquiring with people you know, you are much more likely to get honest and reliable feedback or advice about which companies are good and which ones to avoid.

Researching potential removal companies NW3

Using the internet can also be a great way to gather as much information as possible about any removal companies you are considering hiring. Most companies will have a fairly accurate representation of the cost of their services, so you can visit a number of sites and get a good idea of what kind of costs you should expect. You can also see what additional services are offered. This can sometimes be useful if you are planning on making use of storage or packing services, as you can get all these services in one place, and will be paying one company, which can make dealing with your moving expenses a bit easier.

You should always try and find some customer testimonials too. While many removal companies will have testimonials on their sites, you should also check independent forums and websites too, as any company will, for obvious reasons, avoid exposing any negative feedback on their own websites.

Even though you can get estimates online, it can often be picking out a handful of companies you are considering and giving them all a call to get an estimate too. You can gauge the professionalism of a company this way, and it will give you some idea of how they treat their customers. You might also be able to negotiate, and find out more specific details about additional services and so on. Having checked around a few websites beforehand, you will have a good idea of what a standard charge is for the kind of service you are wanting to get, so can use price fluctuations to your advantage when calling to try and get estimates down.

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