Most Common Types Of Boxes When Moving Furniture

Most Common Types Of Boxes When Moving Furniture

21Nov 2014

The moving van usually contains a lot of free space than the usual space in a car. It`s that moving van, which will help you to transport all your items and objects in a safe and compatible way, while spending time and money instead of doing a multitude of rounds with the car. The entire journey can be even safer and easier, if you protect all your items and objects with moving boxes. There are boxes for any type of removals and no matter the weight, the professional services of the moving companies take good care of the items. Nowadays, they even offer some special services like storage and recycling services. Or else, the eco-friendly boxes are often a more preferred choice, because they transform over 50% of the useless materials after recycling in the same boxes or so. Because of that, their price also varies and a great idea is to get a clear overview of all the items before the move. A man with a van hire is also a good choice and during the communication with your moving agent - make sure to specify all the aspects of the moving items. This will lead to a better determination of the box size and materials needed. On the other hand, if you know the variety of transportation boxes before the move, you can easily arrange and sort your items by groups and even categories. That`s why next are listed the most common types of boxes and especially the biggest ones, which are required when moving furniture.- The largest boxes are as high as a big wardrobe. Indeed, there are wardrobe boxes, which can accommodate a quite huge piece furniture with all the shelves and light items in it. If you plan a big move with a wardrobe or a couple of wardrobes - always keep in mind that when requesting quotes from the moving companies. These extra-large items need special cares and protective measures too, such as edge protectors or wrapping materials for the fine artworks and details. - The big flat boxes are perfect for big flat screen TV`s, or big dismantled windows, pictures or for mirrors maybe. Make a different column in your inventory checklist with all these yet fragile and delicate items and pieces of furniture, and choose the right wrapping materials before the choice of the box. Some curtains or clothes usually work well as wrapping materials, but they also make the yet flat mirror, for example, into a quite big object for moving. When you`re sure about their size and scale, just find the best flat box with the right sizes and shapes, which guarantee less troubles at the moving day.- When moving sculptures, kitchen items or something with a medium size - also make a separate column for the exact box size needed. They usually fit in medium sized boxes, but the unusual shapes and forms of these items require some extra wrapping too, just to obtain a more regular shape as a precaution of rolling or turning during the transportation. There are also special packs for dish, plates, cups and other kitchen items, which require a quite big box when combined together.- Finally, when moving library with all the heavy shelves and the dozens of books lying on them - a reinforced box is a better opt. One with the shape of the shelves and one for the books, if the shelves have the same dimensions. Therefore, you can pile the shelves one on top of another and leave another separate box only for the books, the paper and all the other types of files.

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